Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ismaili Anthem - a tribute from S Raheemani

Zee's Notes: Toronto dynamo Suleman Raheemani (www.srproduction.ca) is the genius behind SR Production - producing music and artists as well playing on the band AAKASH. He was responsible for delighting us earlier this year with videos of Zahir 'RC' Bhaidani and his group's incredible ginan performances. Here is his latest - a rendition of the Ismaili Anthem...enjoy.

Ismaili candidates in Canadian Elections

Zee's Notes: While the world waits for the US elections next month, Canada had it's own national election today and 2 Ismaili candidates contested their incumbent seats - sadly the election produced a minority government creating uncertainty on the political landscape - nevertheless our congratulations to Yasmin Ratansi who was re-elected in Toronto's Don Valley East. Rahim Jaffer was defeated in what will be considered a major upset losing his seat in the usually strong Alberta Conservative riding of Edmonton Strathcona.

Ratansi cruises to victory
Toronto Star, Canada - 15 Oct 2008

Jaffer not yet conceding race to Duncan - watch news video here...
CBC.ca, Canada - 16 October 2008

Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe : dans les coulisses de l'├ęcurie de l'Aga Khan

Zee's Notes: Nice video of MHI at his stables and an interview in French (at end)

See video here...

Warm welcome awaits Aga Khan in Chitral

Warm welcome awaits Aga Khan in Chitral
The News International, Pakistan - 12 Oct 2008

Zee's notes: Interesting article on the Chitrali's efforts to raise funds for MHI's visit scheduled in mid-November.