Sunday, April 20, 2008

Must do's in Vancouver May 2-5th, 2008

Zee's notes: Ismailis from all over Canada will be in Vancouver the first weekend in May for the Canadian Ismaili Games. Here is the first of many places of things to do and see in Vancouver.

Simbas Grill - The Road to Kenya starts here...

Many readers phoned me and emailed to say I missed Vancouver's finest authentic East African eatery that Ismailis also love to frequent. Kurshid and Yasmin Khan have created and simply own this concept (E. African style) ever since they opened their first location in Burnaby on Edmonds in Burnaby - not far from the very first Burnaby JK that opened in the early 1970's. You could almost say the Khan's have brought Ismailis back to their Burnaby and African roots in more ways than simply opening an award winning restaurant. This 30 seater proved to be so popular that another one followed in downtown Vancouver on Denman St.While the menu has been what brings people back for more you also get the personal charm of the hosts and their kids Shezmin and Nabil in this family run business. I have had the pleasure of being in both locations and every single time I take away the memory of Yasmin (Burnaby) and Kurshid (Denman) joining our table for a few minutes to make sure we had a good time. The other amazing thing they have done is to install Karaoke systems and their daughter Shezmin belts out a few tunes on the weekends - guests are also welcome to join in to make the night one to cherish. A few weeks ago we were at the Denman spot with some Edmontonion auto dealers in town for the Auto Show and well you can imagine - take it from me Albertans can party on a world class level

Yasmin and Kurshid Khan